Sunday, November 3, 2013

Weightloss Twins Share the Biggest Secret of How They Lost 350 Pounds in 8 Months

The Weightloss Twins are actually Bill and Jim Germanakos who won the 4th season of The Biggest Loser by combining to lose 350 pounds in just 8 months.  The twins are now back in the public eye nearly two years after their victory to share the secret to their success in their new weight loss program The Rapid Action Metabolism system.  This article shares what the Weightloss Twins consider the number one key to losing fast.Now before you dismiss this by arguing that anyone can lose weight when they spend months on a ranch where every moment is focused on losing weight I want to refresh your memory.  Only Bill lasted the entire time on the ranch (he then went on to lose a total of 164 pounds and the title Biggest Loser).  Jim was voted off the show in week 5.  That meant he had to lose weight on his own back home while working a full-time job.And how did Jim do losing weight at home?He lost 132 pounds in 6 months at home!Okay, I don't know about you but that makes me at least want to know what the Weightloss Twins have to say about losing weight fast.The brother unlocked the key to rapid weight loss and the key is your metabolism.  Your metabolic rate is what determines if the food you eat gets burned up for energy or stored as fat so the more you can do to speed your metabolism the faster you burn fat.Here are some quick suggestions from the Weightloss Twins new Rapid Action Metabolism System.1.  Eat small meals throughout the day.  You have probably heard this before but you might not have thought of it in terms of keeping your metabolism high.  The body requires energy to digest food and when you eat small meals you constantly boost your metabolism throughout your day.2.  Don't skip meals or starve.  It seems like you would lose weight by eating very little but if you starve yourself your body adapts to this low amount of calories quickly and slows your metabolism - not good!3.  Eat metabolism boosting foods.  There are foods that keep your metabolic rate high and the brothers share all of them in their system.  Some are lean proteins, whole grains, green tea and caffeine, pepper, spices and many more.4.  Exercise to super charge your metabolism.  Exercise comes in many different forms and the twins figured out how to maximize their fat burning from exercise.  They show how to do aerobic exercise, resistance exercise and how to use varying intensities during exercise for the best results.The Weightloss Twins are back and ready to motivate and educate anyone who wants to lose weight fast.