Sunday, November 3, 2013

She Gained Weight at a Slimming Center

I couldn't believe what I read in the papers today. She gained weight -- at a slimming centre. Then again.. why am I not surprised?The report talks of a slimming center in Johor Baru, Malaysia, that was ordered to refund the money (RM12,670) paid by a woman named Kavitha who gained 0.2kg of weight after undergoing 10 slimming sessions there.Poor Kavitha. I truly feel sorry for her - it's not her fault. I'm sure her intentions were good, and all she wanted to do was to lose some weight - not too much to ask right? And the price that she was willing to pay tells you how badly she wanted this. And in the end.. what did she get? A 0.2 kg souvenir from the slimming centre she can carry with her 24/7.It is a mockery to the entire Fitness Industry and to Personal Trainers like me when a 'beautician' starts to tell you what to do in order to get into shape, and even 'prescribes/recommends' products to help speed weightloss.In my opinion, in today's mature society which knows the importance and the benefits of exercise - slimming centres should be BANNED. Their phony advertisements with touched-up images of slender women needs to be BANNED as well - and what does it take for this to become a reality? Does someone need to die in the hands of a 'beautician' first? Or perhaps if the authorities fail to take action - all the women who have undergone treatment and gained back those pounds should rally together and burn these centres down. Since they can't burn the fat - just burn the centres down.I hope we know now that slimming centres are NOT an option to weightloss. I'd be seriously disappointed if any one of my readers were to go for any of their weightloss treatments - cos that would mean that I've failed on my part to a certain extent.In order for us to have successful and PERMANENT weightloss (yes... permanent IS possible) - we need lifestyle change - not an easy way out like slimming centres or an overnight solution like Liposuction. These may work - but only temporarily. We need to change the things we put in our mouth, change our daily habits (increase physical activity), and realise, taste, and see the transformation that a healthier lifestyle can bring you. If there's no change in lifestyle - you will very quickly add those pounds back again. I guarantee it.On the other hand - for RM12,670 - I'd give you 20 personal training sessions, cook meals for you, and at the very end - buy you that gorgeous, flattering outfit you never thought you could fit into. All inclusive and part of the package. Now how does that sound to you?