Sunday, November 3, 2013

Guaranteed Weight Loss With 10 Killer Tips

Get the best out of your weight loss program by following these 10 killer steps that will maximize your efforts and minimize your waist! Remember, if you lose weight gradually then you can be assured that the lost weight will not come back with a vengeance. Do not settle for some quick-fix plans that will only disappoint you.1. Water, Water and More water: Forget sodas and juices. Eight glasses of water a day is all you need to stay healthy and fit. Whenever you feel the urge to grab a calorie loaded soda or sugar-rich drinks resist the urge and go for a glass of cold water. Water flushes out the toxins from the body, aids muscle building and helps maintain a healthy weight.2. Eat more meals: Yes, you heard that right. If you wish to burn fat forget the traditional three-meals-per-day schedule. Large meals will burden the body's ability to metabolize calories and store the excess into fat. Eat six small meals and cut down on snacking.3. Work out with weights: Add a weight-training program to your exercise routine to help burn excess fat. Weight training will tone your physique, strengthen your body and improve overall health. Weight training also burns calories faster than usual exercise regime and is good for the body's metabolism.4. Increase Proteins in your food: Protein-rich foods will boost metabolism and burn fat quickly. Proteins will also help build muscle and maintain the leanness of muscles. Pick proteins that are low in fat for optimal results.5. Wisely cut Calories: It is very tempting to cut down on calories drastically. However this is not an ideal approach to weightloss. Reducing calories too quickly will lower the metabolism of the body. Gradually cut down the calories in a step-down approach and this ensures a healthy lifestyle.6. Reward yourself: Every one of us has temptations and favourite treats and we are all bound to cheat once in a while. Do not be too harsh on yourself if you succumb to a temptation. A little indulgence is better than none and giving up on the idea of weight loss altogether! In a week if you have stuck to all your regimes, allow a bar of chocolate or an ice cream as a reward for your efforts and keep yourself motivated.7. Say no to marathon workouts: One of the commonest mistake that people do while attempting weight loss is that they indulge in a marathon exercise session lasting a couple of hours. Instead attempt to break up your exercise into chunks everyday. Go for a walk in the morning, do a workout at lunch and then exercise a bit more in the evening. This has been proven to be more beneficial to the body's metabolism rather than one long workout everyday.8. Mix up the exercises: Variety is the spice of life! Engage in a wide variety of exercises to keep your interest from waning and also to tone your body better. Do swimming one day, jogging the next and biking another day. Rotating the activities will help you to experience a variety of athletics and also keep your interest going!9. Skip the drinks: If you wish to burn fat quickly stay away from alcohol. Alcohol is loaded with calories and will add up quickly. Alcohol also robs you of essential nutrients as most often alcohol tends to reduce your normal diet. Alcohol is also known to inhibit the burning of fat and thus aids fat storage in the body.10. Go for a diet that has a low Glycaemic index: A low GI diet burns fat very quickly. If you are attempting weight loss consume more foods that are low in GI. Many of your favourite fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy, grains and greens fall under this category and help your body to burn fats and calories at a quicker pace.