Sunday, November 3, 2013

Can We Reduce Bodyfat from Our Arms Without Affecting Other Areas of Your Body?

Hi DM,What should I do to reduce the size of my arms? By that I mean, arms only (without affecting other areas of my body). I do weights, but it only tones my arms, and the size doesn't change much, the 'flesh' is still there...MeiDear Mei,Spot reduction my dear.. is a myth. There is absolutely NO NATURAL WAY you can exercise your body so that it releases its fat stores from a particular area. Fat loss happens all over your body, and the places where your bodyfat deposits most easily (for women, these are the hips, thighs) would also be the place where there's more fat release when you exercise. Perhaps a little similar to the First-in-First-Out principle, where it can then be best described as the region where bodyfat is most deposited on your body would also be the region where it is most easily released. And yes, this simply means that the stubborn places where the fat 'just doesn't seem to go'.. would be that last to show results... but just keep persevering. You mentioned that you weight train.. so I'm sure you'll only reveal a more gorgeous you!I think the reason you're holding back from a weightloss plan is because you've sunk into a 'comfort zone' and are happy with how you look every other part of your body.. which is fantastic, don't get me wrong! But what I'm trying to tell you in your case, is not to be afraid of getting leaner. If you're unhappy with some extra bodyfat on various parts of your body.. cardio/dieting is the answer. Endless arm exercises or 100 million situps is not the answer (notice how packed the ab machines are at the gym? somebody should tell them they're better off concentrating that effort on cardio!!).If you're in great physical shape/exercise frequently (which I believe you are.. based on the positive way you talk about your own physique) .. i believe there's no way you can be unhappy with the outcome. Also, remember that your body is an amazing machine... it won't allow you to lose fat to an extent where you won't look good. The only thing that can happen.. is that you'll look how you're supposed to look like. Now how can that ever be bad? Also don't be afraid of training too hard, or getting arms that are 'too muscular', etc.. just give it your best.. simply because you don't have the hormones and the genetic capability to look like a freak.In periods of weightloss, I've personally experienced people coming up to me and saying that I've lost too much weight that I look sick, and that I shouldn't continue.. but weeks later.. they'd come up to me and say that I actually look much better. The problem with people, and sometimes we ourselves, is that we've grown accustomed to the imperfectness that surrounds us. Yes, nobody is perfect, but there is always room for improvement if you only try.If a friend who was overweight/or perhaps carrying a bit more bodyfat than he/she should be, but is still a healthy person, and if he/she were to ask me - am I fat? I would definitely tell them the truth. You should too, but in a tactful way. Honestly, if a few people from my past never told it to me in my face.. I don't think I'd be where I am today.So, my advice to you Mei, would be :1. Not to neglect your arm exercises, just keep doing what you're doing and at the same time, don't get obsessed about keeping count of rep ranges, etc.2. Bump up your cardio. Always go for a minimum of 40 minutes of if weightloss is your goal. Don't be afraid of fatloss or that you would lose what you already like about yourself.3. Watch what you eat! An awesome physique begins in the kitchen.. not at the gymSo, what you'll be doing is basically maintaining your weight training so that your body will hold on to its muscle mass (you need this for your arms to look femininely good too!), while reducing your calorie intake/bumping up your cardio to trigger fatloss in your body. Do it long enough.. and you will see results. I promise you.